Where to get lay front on meez?


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The phenomenon of Meez is a social networking site, where users have the ability to play games, use avatars, share media and keep in contact with friends and family.

Most applications on the site are free to use but there is a system in place, which allows users to purchase extra services through a procedure known as "coinz".

Using coinz to buy extra facilities will increase the user's ability to navigate around the site and enhance their experience. Coinz are acquired by playing games successfully and through a paid subscription service.
  • As well as games and general entertainment there are also different rooms where users can "hang out" and forums for people to be able to chat about their experiences.
  • To date, Meez has over 13 million users since its formation in 2006. The service was the brainchild of Sean Ryan and John Cahill. Though the service is extremely popular it is very much unique to The USA, with over 90% of its users being based in America. Its popularity has seen some big names jump on board, due to the massive exposure that sponsors receive. Nike, the NHL and the NBA are just three organizations involved.
  • If you are a user and are struggling to work a certain part of the site, the best advice is to enter one of the many rooms or forums mentioned earlier to discuss your problem with others. Such is the huge number of users online at any one time, it is more than likely that someone will have experienced the same problem as you and will be able to give you some advice.

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