How To Meditate On Meez?


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To meditate on Meez you just need to put the word 'ommm' into the text box when you're in a chatroom (you don't need to use the quotation marks), and you will then see your avatar meditate!

If it doesn't work the first time don't worry, it may just be that you need to type it in a second time to activate the animation. There are some other cool animations, so I've made a list of them below!

Meez Animations

  • To dance type: dance
  • To rap type:  *rap*
  • To smile type: :)
  • To rockout type: *rockout*
  • To blow a kiss type: kiss
  • To frown type: :(
  • To spin type: *spin*

These simple words are often called "Meez Animation Trigger Phrases". The list above gives you a few examples of the many animations you can use on Meez, and if you explore the Meez forum I'm sure you'll come across lots more!

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