How To Activate Pokemon Deluge Cheats?


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There are a few cheats for Pokemon Deluge that can help you gain certain moves or obtain more money and it is relatively simple to do so.

  • Get some new moves
If you're playing Pokemon Deluge on PC then you should be able to insert a cheat that will give you the splash move for your pokemon. In order to retrieve splash you will firstly need to select computer battle in battle. Once you have done that make sure you fill in the correct username. You could either type in zedjathunder, zedjawater, or diamond. This will give all of your pokemon the splash move.

  • Find some extra money
The majority of the time winning certain battles will get you extra money. In order to receive 6000 you will have to go into battle with Drake who will be situated in Hoenn. Remember in order to receive the money you should only use one pokemon. Moreover, if you fight Drake again in orange league then you will get 10000 using one pokemon. In addition, if you go to Sinnoh and go up against Cynthia then you should retrieve 11000.

  • Get a Misprit
There is a way for you to obtain a misprit but you must follow the instructions carefully. Firstly, locate map 2 and take your pokemon there. Once you have arrived there you should find the stairs and walk up on the left side. Walk down underneath the grass and you should see a misprit.

  • Strongest moves
Each type of pokemon has a move that works the strongest for them in an attack. Not many gamers are aware of this however there are certain moves that will help you progress in the game. For dark types their strongest move is the sucker punch, dark pulse and crunch.
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...ahmm just follow what they say hahahaha...

...I think that it is better to train weak pokemon on gyms because it gives a lot of experience and money too...

...hope it helps...

=) =) =) =) =)
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Fight gym leaders I recommend Cynthia
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Asa pc 2 hindi game boy

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