How Do I Repair The Submarine Panel In Mysims Agents?


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Okay here's how you do it... Lets first start off with the wheels and chains. Place a big wheel next to the last red wheel towards the bottom. Next place a wheel right above the 2 small wheels that are already moving. That should instantly make 3 small wheels and 2 bug wheels move. For the final wheel place it next to the 2 smaller wheels that are horizontal and closet to the top kinda in the middle. Now for the chains. The first chain should go from the Red wheel (top one) to the Big wheel that is place by the 2 smaller wheels. Next place a chain from the 1st top small wheel (next to the big wheel), down to the 2nd bottom small wheel. Lastly place a chain from the 2nd top small wheel to the center of the big wheel that's to the left. Now for the rods. Starting from The top right, place 2 rods going down.Then add a T-Intersection Wire so that the holes are facing up,right,and down. From the t-intersection place 3 rods going Left towards the red rod in the middle. Before you get there though,add another T-intersection so that the holes are facing, left,right, and up. Add another rod going to the left to connect to the red rod. Next, Going up from the T-Section you just added,place 2 rods. Then add an Elbow Wire so that it will connect to the red rods at the top left corner. Next from the bottom rods, that haven't been touched place a rod (should be going left to right) connecting to the elbow wire, the one that had already been placed for you. Add another elbow wire so that the end is facing up. Connect 1 wire vertically so that it connects to the end of the t-intersection. And you are finished

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