What's Some Cheats For Picnik?


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The Kinzcash cheat code is quite popular. It has been said on the Internet that by typing in secret codes into the adoption center you can obtain rather large sums of money. One of these rumoured codes is '115yuihd'. This code is generally used for a pay out of $10,000 in Kinzcash.

Then of course there's the adoption cheat code; this is just as popular. When you are in the adoption center, you can type in codes that do more than just give you more cash. Some codes can give you some more animals. For instance, if you type in the following code '361_888163' you are rumored to receive one of the rarest Webkinz animals. Give it a go and see if it works for you, you never know how well it could improve your game!

Then there's the curio shop cheat. To use this cheat you have to visit the curio shop every single day. You also need to tip Arte every time that you go in the shop. Fail to do this then the cheat will not work. After a number of days, Arte will start offering you some very rare items. You can either use these items, you can treasure these items or you can just sell them on for rather significant amounts of cash.

The Webkinz item cheat can be used, too. If you go about clicking on an item within your dock and dragging it up to the refresh button on your browser, you can try out this controversial cheat. You should then quickly click the button a number of times and then drop the item into your own personal room. If the cheat actually works for you, then you should have the item both in your dock and in your room. Try it out, it's worth a go!
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^ on king cool and may queen
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On Sue Ellen Francis
type ^ ` |
things will come up,
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Go on too font "Just me again down here" Then typ in a ^ then it will come up as a heart!

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