How Do You Get Red Magic Beans In Moshi Monsters?


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To get red magic beans in Moshi Monsters, a gamer will need to plant many different seedlings and wait until it is time to dig then up out of the ground. Once harvesting time has approached, a Moshi Monsters player will need to dig up the plants to see whether or not the right color of magic bean is underneath. The best strategy is to plant tons of different seedlings, to increase the chances of uncovering a Moshi Monsters red magic bean later on. There are plenty of different colors of Moshi Monsters magic beans; these include purple, green, blue, pink, and yellow.

Moshi Monsters Facts

• Moshi Monsters is a free online virtual world where children can create virtual pets and care for them, while also playing games with their pets, and enjoying a safe, educational online environment.
• Anyone who registers at the Moshi Monsters website,, will be able to get a free membership and begin to use all of the features included at the website.
• This site limits interactive features, including chats, to help parents control the safety of what their children are doing online. Parents can set controls for their children at a level that parents are comfortable with - the games and activities are all meant to be wholesome activities that help children learn responsibility and caring.

Moshi Monsters is a nice, safe gaming world for kids, and it has many features that might appeal to small children. Parents are encouraged to get involved with their children's online gaming experience, by watching them play and helping them meet challenges, such as planting seedlings and trying to uncover red magic beans, or other magic beans found in the game. Created by parents for parents, Moshi Monsters is an appropriate gaming platform for children in the earlier grades of elementary school.

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