What are some 2011 cheat codes for meez?


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Meez doesn't currently have any new cheat codes available on the World Wide Web, so users must rely on cheat codes from previous years. Meez is an interactive online world that offers users the chance to express their personal tastes through fun avatars that they use to explore various virtual rooms; players can also enjoy various games and activities while using their characters.

Meez Facts

• Coins can be used to purchase new goodies for characters; in the Meez virtual online world, coins are referred to as "coinz", and they can be earned quite easily by completing simple challenges and offers. Once a person accumulates enough virtual currency, they will be able to buy new accessories for their character, including snazzy new outfits, hats, and hairdos.
• Games on the Meez platform are myriad - at the moment, there are more than eighty online games available through the Meez interface. These games can be personalized by the user for maximum enjoyment, and then they can be shared with other players (users).
• Users can gain access to personal home pages that they can decorate and equip with a series of features, or widgets. These customized home pages offer users a perfect environment for hanging out at Meez and interacting with other friends who frequent the fun, online virtual world.
• Message boards, or forums, are also available to users of the Meez virtual platform. These message boards are a great way to share thoughts and impressions with other people who visit the website. The forums are a perfect way to learn more about using Meez.

The 2010 cheat codes for Meez will be available on the Internet, through websites devoted to video game cheat codes. As new codes for Meez appear, they will eventually surface on these same websites, which have cheat codes updated by members, or users, on a regular basis.

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