How To Get Legendary Dogs In PokEmon Shiny Gold Version?


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There is a certain way that you can carry out in order to catch the legendary dogs in Pokemon shiny gold.

  • What are the legendary dogs in Pokemon shiny gold?
The legendary dogs are known as some of the most powerful Pokemon that are in the game. They are very rare to catch and there are three of them known as Raikou, Entei and Suicune. There is no specific place that they are situated in because they move around all the time.

  • Where to find the legendary dogs in shiny gold
To find where they are you must track them using a Pokedex. When the Pokedex is activated they will alert you when one of the legendary dogs is found. You will see a particular section light up with the word 'area' which will indicate where the dog is. You must not fly to the area because if you do that the dog will sense you are coming and move to a different location. Instead you should try and catch the dog by following it either on foot or by bike.

  • How to catch the legendary dogs in shiny gold
The dogs are very difficult to capture but putting them to sleep is something that can happen straight away. If you are to do this correctly you should use a Pokemon that has these powers and attacks. If the dog is asleep then you will have a better chance of capturing them, however you could also attempt to paralyze the creature which will help you beat them in battle. The idea is to reduce the dog's HP, so you could attempt to use a false swipe which will take the dog down to 1 on the HP level to capture him.
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You can capture the legendary dogs by performing the following actions: Be sure that you have defeated the Elite Four and have either got the dog(s), or that you are willing to give enough time to the subject. Shift closer to the dog when you find yourself in a route that is two routes away from the dog. This will make the dog move, and once the dog is on the same route as you, make use of a Pokemon that possesses False Swipe or a Pokemon which has a Mean Look or a resembling type of attack that doesn't allow the dogs to escape.

When you finally engage in battle with it then shape down it's health with false swipe and try and put it to sleep or you could even paralyse it. Begin tossing Ultra Balls at it until it gets caught. As a desperate attempt, you can also make use of the Master Ball got from the president of Silph Co. foolwing the defeat of the rockets in the tower.
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Here is how to catch the dogs, first, there is 3 starter Pokemon, charizard,squirtle,and bulbasaur. Each Pokemon has a dog along with them charizard has suicune, squirtle has raikou,and bulbasaur has entie. Now you need a rainbow pass go to the sevii island and go to the mart and get 20-30 repels then go to rout 11 in kanto head to the building between rout 11 and 12 don't ENTER yet but use the repel and walk in the grass about 20-30 times if the dice is inside then come back out and repeat until you encounter the dog that you get and to get him easily use a ultra ball and hold b down while its open and dropped and it'll turn to a master ball there you go have fun by meg!
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I believe that catching the legendary dogs on emerald MUST be the same as  firered/leafgreen versions. You must have 200 pokemon in your boxes. However you can only catch 1 of eather dogs (unless you trade with friends).

Blaziken- suicune
treeko- entei
mudkip- raikou

however I am not sure if this theory is entirely true. (I personally would love the answers too) but I am pretty sure that this is very accurate!!! Hope this helps.
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The legendary dogs aren't available in these games.  They must be traded from FireRed or LeafGreen into the other Generation III games.
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Here's how I catch my legendary dog...  My starter was a squirtle,which is the weakest beginner,but that also means that my legendary dog is going to be raikou the strongest dog.  I found raikou by  buying 15 max repels and then I went to route 2 and I used the max repel and kept on going in and out of that house and I searched the grass for raikou. I found him eventually and then I got my lv.47 scyther to use false swipe. And I put him to sleep with my haunters hypinosis and I made raikou sleep. Then the next time I saw raikou I used mean look on him with my newly elvoved haunter .hes lv.48 and gastly learns mean look at lv.48 so he learned that move right before he elvoved. And then I kept on throwing ultra balls at raikou(I hade 70 ultra balls, 2great balls,20 timer balls,and 5 repeat balls) I kept on throwing them at raikou and whenever he woke up I would make him go to sleep again with my haunter.and thats how I caught him. 


STATS: SPEED: 117 (I USE 6 CARBOS ON HIM)  and the rest doesnt matter
hope I helped and that method will work just make sure that you have enough money and patience
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You have to start off with a fire type pokemon then beat the elite 4 after that run outside and go in the grass then one off the dogs will
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If you catch mewtwo, then go to the safari zone and release it. Save turn on then off and when you enter the safari zone the next pokemon that comes up when you leave fuschia city will be the legendary dog (fire red and leaf green only)

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