How To Get A Shiny Legendary Pokemon?


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Shiny Pokemon!
A full guild on how to get and catch legendary shiny pokemon and also starter and wild shiny pokemon!
This guild is for pokemon platinum, diamond, and pearl
How to ge a shiny starter pokemon with no cheats
1. Start a new game
2. Save right in front of the entrance to the lake
3. If you don’t get a shiny pokemon, turn off the power and try again, it’s just pure luck!
Eva’s tips:  It might take a while, but don’t worry! It can be done! (I tested it myself).

Catching shiny legendary whithout the action replay!

1. Save before a waiting legendary pokemon
2. Battle it, if it doesn’t appear shiny turn of the power and keep on trying!
3. Pokemon like mespirit, creselia, moltras, zaptos and that ice flying bird can’t be turned shiny unless the game makes I that way, because they flee.
Eva’s tips: You’re in luck! If you didn’t have the time to get a shiny starter pokemon, why don’t go for a shiny legendary? (they take less time to turn shiny). Here is a list of waiting legendary pokemon:
Azelef, uxie,dialga, palkia, giritina,heatran, regirock, regiice, registeel.regidieas (note, some you can only get after national dex, heatran, all the Regis, zaptos the ice bird, moltras, in diamond and pearl, heatran,giritina,regies, you can't get any of the bird pokemon in diamond and pearl).

Catching wild shiny pokemon whit no cheats

1. Buy lots of pokeballs, I prefer ultra or master, and pp restores and max repels, sometimes you need hundreds
2. Then have you pokeradar app ready on your poke teac, use a maxrepeland go into the middle of a grassy patch
3. Use your pokeradar from you bag, avoid going into patches next to each other and ones that are on the edge. 
4. Faint or catch the pokemon you see, don’t go for a specific pokemon, it’s not worth it, then keep going into patches of grass that shake, when you faint or catch more than 40 of the same pokemon, look out for a patch of grass that sparkles twice, that is most likely a shiny pokemon!
Eva’s tips: The patches of grass that don’t sparkle in the beginning, last longer, go to patches at leas 4 steps away from you, for more info go look up “shiny pokemon chaining.”

Any pokemon can be shiny!
I suggest looking up what some look like!
Note: Finding a shiny pokemon is usually 1/8000
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For Legendaries I suggest you save your Master Ball and lead your team with a Pokémon with the nature you want that has Synchronize for an ability. I got the red Gyarados Adamant nature in one shot in SoulSilver with an Adamant Ralts. Thats how I catch all my Legendaries... Synchronize is ridiculously useful.
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You save it when your in front of the pokemon  then then talk to the pokemon and if it isn't shiny, just turn your game station off and turn it back on and talk to the pokemon again. Keep doing this until its shiny.
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You just save in front of a legendary or to get a regular shiny it will 1-1000
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Just trade with someone who has one
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Not a good idea becase if your like my son you would make them trade like the rararest thhing for it
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Lets say that you have a zappdos and wath you would do is put a shiny stone on it then give it a thunder stone and it will tuern shiny so all you half to do is put a shiny stone on it  and wever teyp it is put that stone on it

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