How To Get Deoxys In Heart Gold?


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Within the Heart Gold game the Deoxys Pokemon can be found in the Pal Park. This is a special Pokemon preserve that can be found on Route 221 by Fuschia City within the regions Sinnoh and Kanto.

Deoxys is a rare Pokemon that can appear in four different Formes. That is, four different forms that have remarkable differences in appearances. These four formes are normal, attack, defense and speed. The normal forme has skinny legs that come to a point and have a segmented blue stripe to the knee. It has orange skin and black lines across its abdomen. Its arms are blue and red and tentacle-like that can be reformed into humanoid arms. These arms have five fingered hands and have a red 'Y' shape running down the entire arm. The attack forme has similar legs to the normal forme but rather than a segmented stripe only going as far as the knee, it instead has a flowing line all the way down. It has large spikes on each knee and one on its head. It has whip-like tentacle arms and a black body. The defense forme of Deoxys is much more bulky and thick in its appearance and has wide, flattish legs. Its head is fused to its body like a helmet and its skin is thickened and covers all of its body. It has flat and broad tentacles that hang to the ground. The final form of the Deoxys, the speed forme, has a sleek gray body. It has two tentacles, one red and one blue, either side of its body and the back of its head is elongated to a point. Most of its orange 'skin' has gone from its body and it has narrow appendages so that it is aerodynamic and streamlined. It has lines covering its body from head to toe.
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It is very easy,migrate it from rb/shr/emr/fr/lg or use action replay
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Action replay people!

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