How To Get Moltres In Heart Gold?


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Moltres is inside of Mt. Silver, but if your asking what's the best way to catch Moltres,then you need to first stock up on a lot of ultra balls or a lot of balls with a good chance of catching it. Next make sure you have a pokemon that knows a sleep inducing attack, & make sure you also have a pokemon that knows the move FalseSwipe(FalseSwipe is an attack that leaves the foe with 1HP).
Next go inside Mt. Silver and walk up to moltrace & save the game before you fight it(or press A on Moltrace to battle him. When you throw the ball @ Moltrace you will notice that the ball blinks a yellowish color, as soon as the ball blinks yellow say "GOTCHA" into the DS mic., by doing this it raises the chance of the pokemon being caught.
Just make sure Moltrace has 1HP & it's asleep AND you say "GOTCHA" into the DS mic. & it Should be caught Realy Easy. GOOD LUCK ☺☺☺☺
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Try saying gocha into the mic and ceep pressing a they both help the cath rate (spelling)

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