What Do Yo Do After You Beat Red In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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Firstly well done for beating red. Many believe this spells the end of the game but this is not the truth. There are several stages left after you have beaten red in Pokemon Soul Silver.

You will need to do the following to progress:

- First you need to get Honen starter from Steven which can be found in Saffron City
- Next you need to catch Groundon
- After Groundon is successfully caught you need to go after the three legendary birds
- After this you need to catch both mew1 and ho-oh
- Next you must head to Mount Moon where you need to beat your rival.
- Once you've done all this you need to complete national dex
- Then you need to collect five shiny leaves and get all the stars on the trainer card
- After this you can challenge the gym leader for a rematch

All these tasks should keep you busy for quite awhile. You may find that joining online gaming forums or specific Pokemon forums will be a great way to get all your Pokemon questions answered and you may pick up a lot of great tips at the same time. If you go to google.com and type in Pokemon forums or Pokemon soul silver forums there will be plenty of choices.
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After you climb Mt. Silver and defeat Red, you can fly back to Pallet Town where Professor Oak will be waiting in his laboratory. He will give you one of the Kanto starters - Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. Then, fly to Saffron and go to the Silph. Co. Building. Near the receptionist, Steven is waiting. He will give you a Hoenn starter - Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic. (Green is Treecko. Blue is Mudkip. Red is Torchic). You can also go see Mr Pokemon in the Johto region, just outside Cherrygrove City, and you can get a Red Orb or a Blue Orb, depending on which game. These will unlock Groudon or Kyogre in the Embedded Tower, again depending on the version you have. But to get Rayquaza, you will need the Kyogre from the Heart Gold version and Groudon from the Soul Silver version. After that, you catch every pokemon and level them to Level 100.

PS. I beat Red using this team:
- Meganium Lv 92
- Lapras Lv 90
- Ninetales Lv 91
- Lucario Lv 94
- Dragonite Lv 93
- Jirachi Lv 88 (that Jirachi I got from the Wi-fi event)
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I beat him with level
89-90 empoleon
72 ho-oh
65 lugia
62 lucario
67 luxray
70 mew2
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Me i beat him using this Pokemon...

* Steelix LVL 85
* Charizard LVL 82
* Snorlax LVL 84
* Dargonite LVL 83
* Articuno LVL 80
* Lugia LVL 85
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You can only defeat red once, after that there are a few things to do
Collect 5 Shiny Leaves on one Pokémon and speak to Ethan/Lyra in New Bark Town
Defeat the records on all 10 PokéPok events Get a 100-Streak in the Battle Tower
Complete the National Pokédex. You need to capture all Pokémon other than Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin & Arceus, giving you a total of 484 in your Pokédex.
Then you will have your Trainer Card completed.
Then you can do some more things: Get a godly team, 5 attackers and 1 tank, so just ev train them. Then you can go hunt shiny's. And after that you already played something like 300 hours (without cheats)
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Hi, um, how do you collect "Shiny Leaves" and how do I catch Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, DarkRai, Shaymin, & Arceus?? I'd appreciate the help....
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I defeated red 3 times. Just defeat the elite 4, then red, then goto the elite 4, and go back to mount silver, he'll be there
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You can go and get the 3 starters. I chose totodile, trecko and bulbasuar. My friend has action replay so he gave me all lv 100 charizard, arceus and ho oh. You no what weird? I caught entei already, and then, a few min l8ter. Morty called me telling me that she say entei in route 20 or something
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I got all of the legendary pokemon that was fun I mean you do have to get a kyogre and an arceus if you want certain legendary pokemon but those can be traded from friends if not your screwed but its a good thing I have a bunch of pokemon nerd friends LOL
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Ev train your pokemon to get the bests stats or get a wii and buy a copy of Pokemon Battle revolution, that way you can battle people online thorough wifi, but your going to have to ev train your pokemon in certain stats that there good at, if not your going to get owned by really intense pro players trust me.
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Well 2 d it you must beat red talk 2 copy cat in saffron city and get her doll then when you leave the place steven will come and tell you about latios in the kanto place and you can then catch him fly 2 saffron and then go 2 sliph co for the hoenn starters
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You can get 2 new starters MEWTWO HO-OH ZAPDOS     cerulean cave tin-tower and power plant I chose Totodile Bulbasaur  and Torchic  you can also challenge the Pokemon League again
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After you defeat red you can just do all the little things......(list below) catch all  legendaries
mew,mewtwo,legend birds,dogs,celibi...etc......
Get all pokemon
get all pokemon to lvl100
SOME may start again
get magnet train pass
repeat elite 4 battle

everyone please post if I missed anything out...
But that really somes it up for you!

P.S.all you cheaters spoil the game!!!
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Lol my Team to beat red:
Charizard - Lvl 100
Moves: EarthQuake, Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Fly.
Rayquaza - Lvl 100
Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, Extreme Speed, Water Pulse.
Swampert - Lvl 100
Moves: Return, EarthQuake, Ice Beam, Surf.
Mewtwo - Lvl 97
Moves: Physic, EarthQuake, SolarBeam, Recover.
Aerodactyl - Lvl 70
Moves: Ancient Power, EarthQuake (Other 2 can't remember lol)
Dragonair - Lvl 40
Moves: Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Aqua tail ( Yes I Brought Dragonair along for the exp, as it held exp share for the fight, was trying to get  a Dragonite because Dragonite is 1 of my favourite pokemon)
P.S As you can see 4 of my pokemon know EarthQuake as EarthQuake is a handy move to have.
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Something to do at ruins of alph that I did: Solve that weird puzzle. And find out what that unknown message says(it says 'ESCAPE' sorry! I just spoiled it for you!)

Thats all I got 4 now call me Shaymin girl!!!
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You know what you do though? Escape: Use escape rope Water: Use water stone

Light: Use flash Forgot the other one, but you need a ho oh in party, FIRST IN PARTY
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My team is amazing (soz 4 bragging) but these are truthfully legit:
Level 100 Infernape
Level 100 Blaziken (shiny)
Level 100 Mewtwo (shiny)
Level 100 Lugia
Level 100 Rotom
Level 100 Giratina (shiny)

Soooo lucky and spent ages
sitting and re-setting ( not for Giratina)
but still not cheating!
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Not really though (shinys yeah)
the only ones hard to fight would be rotom, blaziken and infernape, namely because when you get the others, the ev's would not be maxed out. So the starters would be stronger.
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You can go in Cerulean cave and catch MEWTWO!!
And go to the MR pokemon guy and get the red orb
Than you can also do the events
And beat the elite 4 like lots of times
and,... +(0.0)+
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Is my team sick InfernapeLvl100 DragoniteLvl100 Raichulvl100 CharizardLvl100 Giritina Lvl100 Mewtwo  lvl83  no cheats used I got my infernape dragonite raichu and giritina from diamond all but giritina at level 100 giritina at level 98
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Just EV/IV train all your pokemon and play Wi-Fi competitively. You can do it with the Battle Frontier, or find forums online. A lot of them set up games and live matches between forum members.

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