Where Do You Go After Catching Lugia In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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Sorry that I am a bit late, but please review mine! :)

OK! So the person above was correct! I will explain in a longer way and a easy way!

1. So this is the short version= Did you get all your Gym Badges? This could be another activity to do, also Barboa (the pokemon safri man) has he called? Or maybe you could catch more pokemon, and battle more people! - Done!

2. Longer version= Obviously, you go back to Professor Elm, at his office or science lab I could call it, is in your home time, next to your house. Then he will talk to you about "congrats, you did good kiddo" something like that. OF course he will talk to you about the Pokemon League! Here is the tricky part, he says something about Route 26 and Route 27..But where is it??! You can look on the map for it, and it will not be there. So walk over to your house, after talking to Professor Elm, but do not go into your house. Keep walking, untill you see a lake, on the right side of your house. Teach your pokemon 'Surf' to cross the lake, and you will reach a small piece of land. You will see a Man/kid talk to him, and he gives you some sort of advice. After that you see a cave? On the small piece of land? That is where you need to go into! Make sure one of your pokemon know the action 'Waterfall'. Inside of the cave!  Try getting trough there when using water fall, bolder, and smash, and you should find an exit! I haven't gone farther than the Cave point so good luck! Route 27 or 26 should be after that cave!

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i also got lost there to. Its your chance to go to KANTO!!! How? Well first make sure you beat the grunts at golden rod. Then go to mahogany town. The man will let you go through route 44. Thats whe you get the eighth gym badge. Go to dragons den after you get the badge.dont use repels while your surfing there are dratinis to catch. Make sure you have false swipes, their low leveled. Cick on Pokemon go apk hack to download. Use water fal at tojo fals then your at victory road. Beat the league. And professor birch will call you then go to new bark town. He will give you an ss ticket for the boat in olivine. That will take you to kanto.

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Go back and talk to professor elm, he will instruct on how to get to the pokemon league!

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