Where To Buy Dusk Ball In Heart Gold?


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You can buy the Dusk Ball in Heart Gold when you are in Blackthorn City. The Dusk Ball is a kind of Pokéball which is critical to the quest of a Trainer in the game, because it is used to catch and store the Pokemon.

• The Pokéballs are ubiquitous in the game, and at any time can hold up to six Pokemon by a trainer in the game. The Pokéballs can be stored in any amount in a bag and saved for future use.
• A Pokéball's strength is determined by the wild Pokemon's catch rate, which will also depend on the conditions of the battle. When a Pokemon is contained inside the ball, it limits his powers which therefore tame them although this doesn't always mean that the Pokemon will obey the trainer.
• The Johto region is where the Pokéballs were invented. This is also where the Apricorns grow, a fruit which is used in the game to be cut up and works together with a special device to catch Pokemon before the Pokéballs were mass produced. Mass production of the Pokéballs occurred under the reigns of the Silph Co and Devon Corporation. However, some trainers still prefer to catch the Pokemon with Pokéballs made of Apricorns. A resident of Azalea town named Kurt still manufactures them.
• Before the invention of Pokéballs, the Pokemon were perceived as mythical creatures because no one really understood them until the balls allowed them to be caught and stored in pockets. During those times, the Pokemon were even thought to be supernatural creatures and definitely not of the natural occurring kind.
• The balls can be designed in a variety of ways with logos and different prints.

The Pokéballs can be achieved through various levels of the Pokemon game.
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If you've gotten this far---- you can buy them in Blackthorn City for $1000 each... And trust me, I was looking for them too :)
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Black thorn city or the safari zone 1000 poke each

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