Where Can You Catch A Sneasel In Pokemon Heart Gold?


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Sneasal can be caught within the Pokemon Heart Gold game at Mount Silver. It is an uncommon Pokemon so it may take some exploring and some time before it can be found. Mount Silver can be found in Johto, located west of Victory Road and the Indigo Plateau. It can be reached by traveling from Kanto on Route 28 after you have received the sixteen gym badges from both Johto and Kanto. The summit of Mount Silver gives the player the opportunity to battle with Red. In Pokemon Heart Gold, it is also possible to find Moltres here.

• Sneasel Biology. Sneasal is a bi-pedal Pokemon that resembles a mixture of a cat and a weasel. It is mainly black with bright red feathers like growths on the left ear and lower back. It has two retractable claws on both its front and back paws. There are distinctive yellow markings on its chest and face as well as unusual face markings that resemble eyelashes. The only differences between gender are that the female has slightly shorter feather growths than the male. Sneasels are vicious Pokemon that can do a lot of damage with their claws. They enjoying attacking and injuring the weak and are very agile. Across the different Pokemon games, Sneasels can be found mainly in forests but also make appearances in caves and mountains or vast snow field.

• Pokedex Entries. Within the Heat Gold Pokedex, Sneasels are described as having paws that conceal sharp claws. It also states that when attacked, Sneasels will suddenly extend these claws and startle the enemy. Other Pokedex entries describe Sneasels as smart and sneaky, vicious in nature, feeding on stolen eggs and cunning.

Within Heat Gold, Sneasels can be located and caught at Mount Silver. Players can catch the uncommon Pokemon by exploring the cave and surrounding area.
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You can  catch a sneasel in route 28 and Mt.silver.

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