Where Can I Find A Dusk Stone In Pokemon Heart Gold?


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The Pokemon Heart dusk stone is located in the Pokeathon prize section. You will be able to buy this stone in exchange for 3000 points. These are the points that you will have collected throughout the game so if you think that this is a stone you would like to get, try to save 3000 points to get it.

  • The Dusk Stone
The dusk stone in Pokemon Heart Gold makes a Pokemon evolve and can be used at any time after getting the stone. There are many other stones that can be found or bought from the Pokeathon prize area so you will be able to collect all of the ones you need to evolve or further the Pokemon that you have chosen for the game.

  • Other stones
Other stones that you can get from the Pokeathlon prize stand are;
  • Shiny
  • Moon
  • Heart
  • Enigma
  • Water
  • Pokemon
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Although the game was started in the 1990s, there are many different games that are still being developed. These are usually named after a color or a game that is played in Pokemon and then a color afterward. The first two games were Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red in the late 1990s.

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You can get one for 3000 points at the poke'athlon dome on any day but Wednesday and Sunday.

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