What Is The Transaction Number On Howrse To Get The Mustang Unicorn?


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To put it bluntly unless you purchased the board game version of Howrse (and done so first hand) then you will not be able to acquire the Mustang Unicorn I am afraid.

This is the state of affairs because there isn’t one singular transaction number set that will access that particular horse. Each board game comes with a unique code that unlocks the Mustang Unicorn and once used it cannot be used again, kind of like a receipt number. This acts as a proof of purchase and hence has a strong security system in place.

It may eventually become accessible like the other horses, whether they are paid for through passes or acquired for free but this is unlikely to occur for a long time, especially as they are limited edition.

If you did purchase the board game, then Owlient would have emailed you the transaction code, so check that the email isn’t in your junk folder. If it’s not there it may be worth contacting the company. You can find details on how to do so by clicking here (

All I can suggest is to try and have a look at some old transaction numbers and have a guess. Not much help I know so I’ll leave you with a few cheat codes for other things on Howrse.

Select the ’Passes’ tab, then choose ’Your Code’. Enter one of the following codes:
NP58 - Nyx Pack
HOP99 or HI1HP - Horn Of Plenty
HP33MB - Medusa's Blood (Pegasus)
HORSEANDPONY1 - Philosopher’s Stone
XXHORSEILLUST - Aphrodite’s Tears
HP22MB - Medusa’s blood

Hope this makes up for you not acquiring the Mustang Unicorn.
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If you did not buy the board game, you sadly can not get the Mustang Unicorn. I'm assuming you used the promotional code for the MG Saddle, and that is a code given with the board game so they assumed you bought it and sent you the offer message. If you indeed haven't bought it though, there is no way to get the Mustang or the Karma point.
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I got it, but never ordered one.
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Stop asking people for their password.
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I got it as well and I really want the mustang unicorn. Has anyone actually bought the board game and has a transaction number I can use???
Also please be my friend on howrse. My accounts are:
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I have the MG Saddle code. If you want it plz email me your user name and password. I am horsegirl7711

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