What Is Howrse?


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Howrse is an online SIM game, by Owlient.

You own your own horses, buy them, breed them, care for them, and you can even run your own equestrian centre. There are many different horse breeds on Howrse, although they are adding new ones all the time. There are even special mythical horse breeds, such as the Unicorn and Pegasus, which are worth more on the game than the normal horses/ponies.

There are also 'Passes'. The main currency on the game is Equus, but, if you feel like spending a bit of real money to improve your game and your horses, you can purchase Passes. Passes can be spent on the Black Market, enabling you the buy special items to make your horses or your equestrian centre more powerful and take it to the top.

You can purchase horses on the game through the Auctions or the Private Sales. There is also Karma points, which you can earn through certain activities such as purchasing a 10-pack of Passes, but you also get them free on intervals throughout gameplay.

There are also Riding Levels. The longer you play on Howrse, the more riding levels you can get. To pass the riding level, you need to be on Howrse for a certain number of days, and you will be presented with a quick quiz on horses or ponies. Pass the quiz, and you pass the riding level.

Hope I helped!
On Howrse, I am 01peep01, by the way. :)
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Howrse is a heaping, stinking waste of time and money.  Static graphics, rules that change so you have to spend more money to succeed, surly moderators that don't help with actual problems---these are just some of the things you can expect from this "free" online game.

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