What Is The Unlock Code Of Pokemon Heart Gold For Mobile Application?


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The unlock code for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver changes on a daily basis, and is not easy to obtain.

However there are a number of cheats available and these include:

  • Unlock Powerwalker Maps

There are 27 Powerwalker maps that can be unlocked and these include Beautiful Beach, which can be unlocked by getting 200 watts. Icy Mountain Road can be unlocked by getting 30,000 watts, and Rugged Road can be unlocked by getting 50 watts. The default Powerwalker map that is available from the start of the game is Refreshing Field.

  • Getting a shuckle

When you are in Cianwood City in the house in Safari Zone Road, there is a person that will ask you to look after his last Pokemon. He will give you a shuckle. Change it's appearance, to make it look like you, and when he asks for it back say yes. He will let you keep the shuckle, as he says that the shuckle likes you.

  • About Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes of Gold and Silver that were released throughout the word in 2010. Game Freak developed them, for use on the Nintendo DS and the games take place in the Johto region of the Pokemon universe. The goal of the game is to become the best Pokemon and raising Pokemon and defeating other trainers enables a player to achieve this.

The games combined are the biggest selling handheld games ever, with over 10 million sales worldwide, despite them being remakes of previous games. There was some new footage in the game, and they are specifically aimed at a new audience of Pokemon fans.
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Hey did you get the code for pokemon heart gold
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Well, 1) don't waste your time on that because you have a life.
2) It changes monthly so noone would know

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