What Is The Action Replay Code To Have A Gracidea Flower In Key Items On Pokemon PEARL OR DIAMOND?


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The code is as follows:
  • 94000130
  • FCFF0000
  • B21C4D2B
  • 00000000
  • B0000004
  • 00000000 23 times.
According to numerous forums and other answer sites, the beginning five entries need to be the above combination of numbers and letters, then you have to enter the 00000000 23 more times.

All sites have provided this and it has been chosen as a workable answer for the Gracidea Flower in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond. It was not personally tested by the writer providing this information here; however, it seems likely it is the right code given the various forums and other sites that have supported it as the best answer.

If the action replay code above is not correct, you may need to speak with a friend who has already gotten the Gracidea Flower. If you can find a friend willing to trade the flower or remember what they did, you may be able to get the item you wish to have.

Most of the time, when you play the game all the way through you are given the correct code at the end of the segment. You should be given the action replay code.

You may also want to check with a guide book. There are some online game FAQs where you can get the entire game play and codes.

If the site does not offer it you can generally find these cheat books for sale in a game store.
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Leuname Zepol answered
Honestly, I don't know. You should do this:
Google: AR codes for pokemon pearl/diamond
and you will have cheats! Good luck! And I hope you find it!

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