Where Is Oak In Route 224 In Pokemon Platinum?


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By the weird shiny stone with marley. You will have to engrave the name of the person or pokemon you feel gratitude to for helping you on your journey then the sea break path appears get on your bicycle or it will take forever to get to the end. At the end is flower paradise where shaymin is waiting to be captured by you!

PS: In order to meet him and marley there you will need the oaks letter. (get it from an event if you live in north america, europe, australia, new zealand, canada or cyprus otherwise get it from a cheat code using an action replay, game shark or code jeanie)

PSS: Once you've caught shaymin go talk to the blond hair lady next to the pokemon center in floaroma town and she will give you the key item gracidea flower us it to change shaymin to his sky form. (it will only work on the shaymin you catch in flower paradise not ones you get in trades or from the pokemon modifier and shaymin will change back to its normal form at night, when traded or when frozen, it also will not be able to learn flying type moves when it is in its sky form all the sky form does is boost his speed, evasiveness, attack and special attack and make it look much cooler).

By Doron Shlom

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