Where Is Strength In Pokemon Light Platinum?


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According to online forums, there are a number of stages you must complete in order to access the Hidden Machine (or HM) strength.

  • Defeat the sixth trainer

You must defeat the sixth trainer in order to unlock the rest of the steps required to access the Hidden Move of strength.

  • Talk to Riley

You then need to talk to the character named Riley on Pokémon Light Platinum. This conversation will lead you on to the next step.

  • Visit Iron Island

After your discussion with Riley, you need to take a boat trip and access Iron Island. This is where you will find the Hidden Machine strength.

  • What is a Hidden Machine?

A Hidden Machine, or HM, is a device that is used to teach a Pokémon a move that they would not usually be able to carry out. This move cannot be used during a Pokémon battle, but can be used in situations outside of battle. For example, a HM can be used to teach your Pokémon to cut down trees, meaning that you can access remote or forest areas. Similar to HMs are TMs, which stands for Technical Machines. TMs can be used to teach Pokémon a new move to use in battle.

  • Pokémon Light Platinum

Pokémon Light Platinum is a video game from the series of Pokémon video games created by Nintendo. Versions of the game are available for Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

All of the Pokemon games in the Pokemon video game series are known as RPGs, or Role Playing Games, where players take on a character within the game in order to train Pokemon, interact with other characters and progress through the games' stages.

The Pokemon series of video games has proven to be hugely popular amongst young boys and girls alike, with the series having sold a total of over 200 million games.

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