Where Is The REVERSE DIMENSION In Light Platinum?


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The most common answer to this question online is that you have to first go to a particular cave. The cave in question is the one where you will find kyogre or groudon. Once you have found the cave, and you're actually inside of it (and not hanging around outside the entrance to it), you will need to use a cheat. You just need to use the 'CE2CCCB25D8D815D' code. This will then allow you to walk right through walls, making the whole game and traveling through the cave to achieve a goal becomes significantly easier. Once you have successfully completed the cheat, you will be able to perform a great trick. You simply need to head to the areas where you find kyogre.

  • Things to consider with reverse dimension

Once you get there, you need to look and go to the left, and then left again. This provides you with reverse dimension. Be warned, however - if you are going to go ahead with reverse dimension then you should ensure that all of your pokemon are above level 60. This will mean that your pokemon simply won't die as soon as you start the battles. Naturally, fighting with weaker pokemon will give them great experience, but you might find that you constantly lose the battles every time you try and fight with your pokemon.

  • Getting other cheats

Cheats for many different games are really easy to get, these days. All you need to do is get online. The Internet provides you with many different websites that give you all the answers. Simply get on Google or Bing, and type in the name of the game you are playing and the console you are playing on. Then add the word 'cheats' at the end. This will give you hundreds of results, of websites that give you walkthroughs and cheats for a wide range of games.

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