What's The Action Replay Code For Black Rayquaza On Pokemon Diamond?


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This Code Sucks It Doesnt Even Work....Plus Its Long
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Here it is just press L+R with a crappy Pokemon in your party and its done!!
Sorry for it being so long!!
Here's the code:
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
89E489E7 48410000
103578E8 75134F71
A66EAC56 97F20E48
6008A113 FAAD3341
1CBD0E5D C321E51F
640581F4 F86F5A73
E9044979 00D6F880
9EF27F93 6B2AEA91
1CBA97CC 69A1D3E8
D4D55E04 58A7CC81
D11EF35A 3E5A7F04
5C382660 7283EB9B
059BE274 624DF137
E8675A64 1394B03E
C8232BAD 293DD8CC
8F5F02F9 CE27F87E
455EA7FD B6F17C73
979F7687 143BE022
6086969F FA648D14
F526AD2A 1261AEE2
E2B0CE35 AE585BE3
BD35FEF6 21D0060D
63F048D1 3424D435
01148077 A89BADFA
E1FD4E6C 33B521E1
9EA83BC3 71C789C1
4465C72C B2C91161
77CAC62F AF6E835E
C1EA96B9 00000000
200000B0 00000006
D2000000 00000000
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Use the pokemon modifier and have shiny code on.

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