What's The Action Replay Code For Rayquaza Shiny?


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Try youtube
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Ried this one and it resulted in a BAD EGG in first slot of party...

Press L+R, replaces first pokemon in your party, its shiny with pokerus, you didn't specify any moves or hold item so I gave it Thunder, Outrage, Earthquake, and Dragon Pulse. Its holding a metronome for kicks and giggles.

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
9A579A50 D8080000
6BFA1290 190E8718
A82C8749 C2F7EE49
9A6B483A 15329328
741D0A56 1B5571EA
457734C9 D1D2FDCA
B7212410 FDF7CE1F
9499639A 57E79367
03A39F62 E372D197
473BDC39 D5EB4F3F
70427E87 9BE4FF8B
3EB69629 72E1E759
013F9C81 8C5C0703
B9C49487 360A5E64
E0EE7443 F5C1D60F
FEC6A992 C3212C8D
30E01231 E57120A0
55BD7546 82837C04
4260575F 0069DFC0
7E8A1A2E 14818C43
45672D0C F97CBB17
DE95EFCF 9167E09D
8C1FA266 E5BC848D
2CE635B9 5160791C
678A2447 4390B0D9
0630927E CB480924
4A85204D 74E847E0
7E033FF6 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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