How To Obtain Thunder Stone In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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You have to win a bug catching contest but they will give you a random stone. Or you can go to the pokeathalon dome where you can buy stuff there with the points you earn from entering the pokeathalon. Otherwise you have to have someone trade a pokemon to you with the pokemon holding the thunder stone.
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There are many ways. You can either:
1. Win bug contest but you get a random stone.
2. Trade phone numbers with Gina or Dana they might giver you one.
3. In kanto, on the way to the high cape you will find the home of bills grandfather. Give him pokemon in this order:
vulpix (soulsilver) growlithe (heartgold)
4. Trade athlete points for one.
Hope this helped!!! If I descover any more methods then I will post it on here and I will call myself "lugiathepokefan/maniac/mad thing who loves all pokemon."

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