What Is The Action Replay Code For Pokemon Platinum To Get All Starters That Works?


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You have to have another pokemon game like pearl and when you get the starter pokemon trade it on there then start the game over and pick another starter and do the same thing to starter .finally trade all of them back to platinum.
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A c t i o n r e p l a y
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999x all medicine and 99x all tms 94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E0000B60 000000A0
03E70011 03E70017
03E70018 03E70019
03E7001A 03E7001E
03E7001F 03E70020
03E70021 03E70022
03E70023 03E7002B
03E7002C 03E70026
03E70027 03E70028
03E70029 03E70012
03E70013 03E70014
03E70015 03E70016
03E7001B 03E70024
03E7002A 03E7001C
03E7001D 03E70025
03E7002D 03E7002E
03E7002F 03E70030
03E70031 03E70032
03E70033 03E70034
03E70035 03E70036
00000000 00000000
E00009A0 00000190
00630148 0

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