Where Can I Find Pictures Of Moshi Monsters To Print And Colour?


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You will be able to find Moshi Monster pictures to print and color online or at your local library. Both of these are inexpensive and will provide great options and variety of pictures.

Here are some ideas of how to get hold of some Moshi Monster pictures;

  • Internet
There are two main places that you should look on the internet for these pictures, you can look at different sections of the Moshi Monsters website. These will have lots of different pictures that you will be able to print and color in. You could also see what you get when you have a look on Google images. When on Google, click the images button and you should get images rather than WebPages when you search. As Moshi Monsters are so popular, you are sure to find some pictures on here that you will be able to print and color in.

  • Library
At your local library, there will be a children's section. In this children's section there will be activity books that you can use. Most activity books are not allowed out of the library as you have to print the pages and then write or color in rather than coloring in the activity book and spoiling it for the rest of the children. Libraries are also great for printing any picture that you find online. You will have to pay to do this but they will have printers that will print on larger paper and therefore you can have larger pictures to color.

  • Friends
See if you know anyone that would be happy for you to photocopy any Moshi Monster images they have at home and then you will all be able to share the images you do have.
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On moshi monsters
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On the 'Fun Stuff' page.
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Go to moshi sign in the bottom one make monster activate it and go to your map and then the main street then in the workshop go to colour your monster than choose a monster to print then colouring
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Go on moshi monsters then go on map and pick ooh la lane and click print work shop then this thing comes up and you click on somthing and print it thats free
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I don't know about moshi monsters but here is how to draw just about every cartoon in the

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