How Can I Become A Moshi Monster?


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doctor C answered
Go onto the site and click on the create a monster feature and go from there
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Well you got to pay to be a member you no da I hope but you need to read what to do I'm a member me name is louise909909 anyway it can be hard coz way to many people want to be you mate da game get well harder bu you get more fings its good so try it out if you want to
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Click on you and there
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Georgie Henley answered
Uhh derr you go onto the stupid site and sign up 4 it. Then activate your account only if you have a email then you check your email then follow the rest from there. Everyone knows THAT!!!
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Lisa Patmore answered
To become a moshi monster, go onto moshi monsters and click on the right-top croner and there will b a sign saing adopt a monsta. Click on that then choose your type of monsta, colour of monsta, ownername, password, age, email address and then go and check your email and then activate. In da email it will tell you how 2 activate. Choose boy or girl, where you live, what monsta name you want and your birth date.
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My monster

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