How Do I Adopt A Moshi Monster?


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Well its quite simple but ill take you through all the steps-Here we go
Ok first type into your adress bar
Then in the top right hand corner,it will say"Sign In" and "Adopt A Monster".Click on adopt a monster.
Now wait for it to load and click on any monster you would like.You can choose from a Luvli,Poppet,Zommer,Furi,Diavlo or a Katsuma.
After that,you can change the colour of your monster,pick from the colours to the right.Once you have chosen the colours,it will take you to a screen where you accept the terms and conditions.Another screen will come and you will have to make a username,password,tell them your age and your email.
Now go to your email and activate your account.
Then it asks you your name,country and what you would like to name your monster. Good luck and hope you can figure it out from here!
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Just type in moshi monsters and click the sign up button

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