How Do I Buy A New House In Moshi Monsters?


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A house is a good enough solution, but if you do not have enough health. I thought about a house or an apartment for a long time, but when I saw Sobha Town Park Attibele , I liked the location and the price. So if you have doubts about purchasing a house or apartment, be sure to wait for your option.

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I'm not sure if you mean another house or you mean get rid of the one you have now and getting another one. If you mean you want another house well you will first have to be a member! If you are a member make your way to ooh laa lane. When you are at ooh laa lane there will be a shop that says NEW HOUSES. Go into that shop and you can buy another house. (350 rox) If you mean get rid of the one you have and buy another one well you can't. You could go to dodgy dealz and sell all of your stuff and restart. Hope this is the answer you were waiting for
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