If Your Membership Expires On Moshi Monsters Do You Lose All The Stuff You Bought At Stores Which Only Members Can Go To?


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Sprocket 07 answered
No you can keep it and use it but you just can't buy more. If you have more than 6 moshlings in your room I think that the system will choose 2 for you to keep in your room. I would suggest putting your 2 favorite moshlings in your room before you cancel your membership. And if your wondering you get to keep all your stuff and your moshlings but you can't see your moshlings until you sign up for membership again.
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This isn't an answer, but... If your membership expires do you get to keep the second story/room you bought?? Because if you don't then I'm so way not going back on it because it took me ages to buy my second story.
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Yes you do kidding noway

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