Where Do You Check Your Email On Moshi Monsters When You Just Created A Monster?


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When you initially register with Moshi Monsters you will have to provide an email address to confirm the registration. This is to avoid hacking, either by people or machines, in an attempt to ensure people do not have more than one Moshi Monsters account. When you register, make sure you enter a valid email address that you have full access to. Once your registration is complete, a link will be sent to your email which you will need to click on in order to finish the registration process.

Open up a new web browsing window on your computer and log into the email account that you gave during the registration process. One you have logged in, you should have a new email from Moshi Monsters. There will be a link within the email that you can click on.

If you have a particularly secure email account you will not be able to open the link until you have marked that the email is safe. Your email account does this to make sure you are not opening a virus as the link will be sent from an unknown user. A pop-up box will ask you if the link is safe and you will need to confirm that it is. If this does not work, you can simply copy and paste the link into a new web browser address box.

Moshi Monsters is a website where you can ‘adopt’ your free Moshi Monster. You can personalize your monster and then agree to the terms and conditions, enter your details then check your confirmation email, select your free gift and you are ready to begin playing with Moshi Monsters. It is a fun interactive game where you must ensure that your pet Moshi Monster is happy and healthy to move up the levels.
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When you have registers yourself on Heymoshi and than you go to {google} and than you go to {CHECK MOSHI EMAIL} and you just check your email.
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You sign in/log on to your email such as yahoo or gmail and there should be a email with a activation link check the spam or trash folders
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Where you get mail box
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To check your mail on Moshi Monsters, click on your pinboard! (The little thing on the left at the top)!
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You click on stuff
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I do not know how to check my email since there is no clip  board at the top on the lefty

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