Can U Create You Own Moshling On A Different Site Then Moshi Monsters?


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Moshlings are very different from the Moshi Monster pets adopted when signing up to play the Moshi Monster Game online. While playing with the Moshi Monster, players can earn play money, or Rox. The Rox can be spent on gifts for the pet. They are also needed to buy the flower seeds to attract the moshlings once the flowers have grown. Each seed costs 15 Rox.

The first thing to do is to log into the game and select the desired type of moshling. There are common moshlings, which are available to all players, and uncommon or rare moshlings, which are only available to members. Those only available to members are marked with a star.

Each moshling will have the amount and types of seeds needed to attract it next to it. For instance, common moshling number 007, a white poodle called Fifi, requires one magic seed, one dragon seed and one pepper seed.

To buy the seeds and grow the flowers, the following steps have to be taken:
  1. Click on the door
  2. On the next screen, click on Main Street
  3. Next, click on Moshling Seeds and then buy the required seeds
  4. After clicking the Home button, click on the door again
  5. Enter the Moshling Garden by clicking on it
  6. Now click on the red bag, then drag and drop the seeds into the soil
The flowers may take up to a week to grow. Once they have grown, a moshling will appear. Players can now decide if they want to keep the moshling. If not, the moshling can be set free and a new set of seeds is needed to try again. If the moshling is kept, it will float into the pet's room.

It becomes clear from these instructions that moshlings can not be created anywhere else but here.
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You can't create your own moshing in the case.
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