How To Get Moshlings Without Planting Seeds?


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The simple answer to how to get moshlings without seeds is you can't. You need to plant seeds to get moshlings. A lot of different sites and forums will say there are cheats to get moshlings without planting seeds but there is also a lot of users afterward saying these cheats so you might as well stop wasting your time trying to find a cheat and start planting those seeds.

  • Moshi Monsters
Moshi Monsters is a website and community aimed at young children aged from 7 to 12 years old. On this site you get to choose your own monster to look after out of 6 different virtual pet monsters. The pets names are:

  • Furi
  • Diavlo
  • Zommer
  • Luvli
  • Poppet
  • Katsumer
Once you have chosen your pet monster you can create, name and look after him or her. Once you have created your pet you can walk around Monstro City with your monster and take part in missions, do the daily puzzle challenge to earn 'Rox' which is Monstro city's currency. You also get your own room to personalize, you can read stories or simply socialize with your friends.

  • Moshi Monster origins
Moshi Monsters was created in 2007 by British game makers, Mind Candy and has grown to over 50 million users. As with most games, the standard membership is free to play but if you want to upgrade for additional features and benefits then it does cost money.
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First, go out to your garden and talk to the owl thing. Then, go in your house, if your a
member, go in the litle moshling zoo. Click on one of the moshling names. You will see
"CLOSE" and "ADOPT THIS MOSHLING". It will cost a lot of money, but it's worth it!
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It doesnt work you need seeds
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Does not work.

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