How Do You Get Moshlings On Moshi Monsters Without Using Seeds?


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There seems to be some debate on gaming forums as to whether it is indeed possible to get moshlings on Moshi Monsters without having to use the seeds.

There are some cheats that fellow gamers have said have worked for them, yet others have declared they had no success with the same cheat.

It is still worth giving it a try though, so follow these steps and see if it will work for you:

- First you need to become a member for this cheat to work.
- Once a member you need to head for the moshling zoo.
- Right click on the moshling you wish to have.
- Then you need to zoom in three times.
- Left click your mouse and then right click your mouse.
- Then press 'show all' and you should have taken the moshling you selected.

If you want other hints, tips and cheats for the Moshi Monsters game, then it is certainly worth checking out some of the dedicated forums. This way you can also get to know fellow gamers who obviously have a lot in common with you. Some of the Moshi Monster forums can be found at and
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Three Dragon Fruits of any colour.


Three Moon Orchids of any colour, except blue.


Two Love Berries and one Dragon Fruit, of any colour.


Three Star Blossom, any colour.


Red Moon Orchid, Purple Magic Beans, and Red Magic Beans.

General Fuzuki

Yellow Love Berries, Purple Star Blossom, and a Red Hot Silly Pepper.


Star Bloosom, Hot Silly Pepper and a Dragon Fruit, of any colours.


Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries and a Pink/Yellow Hot Silly Pepper.

Dj Quack

Dragon Fruit, Moon Orchid, and a Star Blossom of any colour.


Two Dragon Fruit and One moon Orchid, of any colour.


Magic Beans, Hot Silly Pepper, and a Star Blossom/Hot Silly Pepper, any colours.


Magic Beans, Love Berries and a Hot Silly Pepper, any colours.


Purple Moon Orchid, Pink Love Berries, and Black Love Berries/Blue Moon Orchid.


Purple Hot Silly Pepper, Red Magic Beans, and Yellow Magic Beans.

Peppy Penguin

Red/Black Moon Orchid, Purple Moon Orchid, and Yellow Magic Beans.

Hope this helps!!!!
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Wow thanks for all those codes!! But do you know anyone that actually knows the answer to my question?
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I asked a question like this! Apparently when you are a member you go onto your zoo and cross out all off the moshlings that are in your room. You click on a moshling you want to have right click and zoom in 3 times left click then press show all and apparently it is supposed to just appear there! I tried this one about 5 times...It didn't work...Oh and I almost forgot you need to have about 6 moshlings!
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All you do is click on your monster and you will get a moshling in 5 mins
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You can go to the volcano and go to the super mosi's lair and do missions then when you completed go home click on 'zoo' and there will be a new moshling in there the only other way is to plant seeds HOPE THIS HELPED!!
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You can buy 15 of each seed from the seed cart then every single moshling will be in your room hope this helps!!!
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White Fang is a Red Moon Orchid & Red Magic Beans and last but not least ...  Any Crazy Daisy (members only)
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Well tecni cly you cannot get a moshling without seeds but if you want to know how to get moshlings ,ive got all of the non-member moshlings on my post board

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Ive looked in other sites it says the same I tried it like 20 times it didnt work
p.s. Heres a bunny :
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  cute hay !!!!!

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Go to your moshling zoo and choose a moshling that you like then right click on it and click zoom in three times    then left click on the moshling then right click then click show all...
Hope it works 4 you because it didnt work 4 us!we tried like..12 times!
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If it doesent work for you then how do you know it works at all? Maybe it only works for members? Cuzz im a member....
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Sorry but you can't get a moshling without using seeds. Sorry again, and please can you visit  my room and rate me *** or more, Thanks Babe. (name Guineapig19)
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There really is no other way to get Moshlings other then planting Moshling seeds unless you are a real nerd and can hack into the computer. DON'T DO THAT!

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