Where To Get Porygon From Pokemon Soul Silver?


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In the game center in kanto in cerilian city (I don't know if I spelled I right) (9999 coins to get it what a rip off right :[ ) or if you have a r ( action replay ) and you have the code called catch trainer pokemon and you did not defeat team rocket in the radio tower theres a trainer in there look for a guy wearing a science suit and there is 2 guy that are the same if you see another one he will have a porygon at lvl 30 catch it and there you go you got your self a porygon and those aer to ways you can get porygons
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I might be talking about the wrong game, but in the Casino/Dual Slot place, go to the Prize Building next to it, and once you get enough coins, Porygon will be an available prize
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There are 2 hard ways. And a easy way. Let me tell you the easy way.  1.beat the maghony town gym leader. 2. Go to goldenroad city. 3.go into the goldenroad tunnel and find a team rocket guy. 4. Talk to him, he will give you a team rocket costume. 5.go into the radio tower. of the team rocket guys has a porygon on the second floor, but first you have to face your rival. 7.heard of gts, its in goldenroad city, use it. the desposit pokemon button. Gts help. 1.choose the pokemon you would give for a porygon. 2.then choose the pokemon porygon for the pokemon you want. 3.the pokemon you chose is going to be traded for a porygon, it may take a long time until somebody wants it. Please wait 1-7 days. Once done waiting do a summary, if sombody wants it then say yes. Now you have a poygon. Wait,why did the porygon turn into a porygon-2? Its because they traded porygon with a up-grade. Its a item that turns porygon into porygon-2 if traded. If you don't want porygon-2 try trading again.
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You ppl are  idiots! If you have 9,999 coins from the f***n game corner, you go to the tent that gives you prizes in Celeadon city. Go in the tent talk to the one on the right and chose the f***n pkmn you want! I did it like  3 times
Note~ the third time I did it was awsome because I saved chose porygon, and did that till it was shiney
{when it wasnt shiney, I "in-game reset" it

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