Are There Any Games Like Jumpstart?


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Jumpstart is and adventure type learning game for children aged from the ages of two till six. Children can enter an online fantasy world where they can fight dragons and discover lost worlds. It is designed to help children with their reading practice, word and letter recognition in an amusement park setting. They can learn in this fun - filled environment which is tatally safe and secure.

Another game similar to Jumpstart is PBS Kids Island. Again this is packed with lots of different educational games to help your child learn. The game has moved on from the amusement park setting and in this game children complete games in order to build their own island carnival.

In Lickety Letter Bingo alpha pig will teach your child about letters in this bingo based game.

Theo's Puzzles will help them learn and understand about the individual letters of the alphabet and what they look and sound like. The games all involve PBS kids characters from childrens programs such as SUPER WHY!, Between the Lions, Word World and Sesame Street.

In The Messy Attic you need to listen carefully so that you can find hidden objects and in Bears Skateboard Park you guide bear on his skateboard choose the right letter to spell chosen words.PBS Kids Island has 8 different literacy levels that teaches and helps children discover the exciting world of words and letters. Games included on PBS kids island teach letter recognition, word families, phonics, rhyming games, comprehension and vocabulary. There is a structured path through both Jumpstart and PBS Kids Island and children have to complete games on one level before they can continue on to the next level.
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Agreed. Learning games on sites like Jumpstart and very useful, especially for a homeschooling mom like me. There are so many resources on the site which I can use as a part of my curriculum - right from do-it-yourself activities and experiments that can be easily carried out and demonstrated at home to worksheets segregated according to grades and subjects. Can someone suggest any more such similar sites that may be able to help me out? Thanks in advance!

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