Are There Any Games Like Grepolis?


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  • Games similar to Grepolis

Tribalwars is a game that is considered to be similar to Grepolis.

  • What is Tribal Wars?

Tribal Wars is a multiplayer game that is set in the middle ages where players take over a small village. They have the power and control to grow the village and eventually they will begin to take over other villages until they have a small empire.

It is particularly popular because players have the ability to interact with other players to chat about the things they are interested in and share tips and advice. Players can also join together to create a powerful tribe. The different worlds have different types of tribes and in some worlds a tribe can only consist of five members but in other worlds they can be unlimited.

  • How can I play Tribal Wars?

Go to and you will need to login. If you are not already a member you will need to sign up to the game by clicking on the large red button that says 'Register Now'. You will need to choose a username and password for yourself and also provide an email address where a verification email will be sent to ensure that you are not a spammer.

  • What is Grepolis?

Gropolis is an online game that challenges players to create their own Greek town and build it up into a huge and powerful place with armies to fight the islands far away and conquer them.

It is set in ancient Greece and it is a quest surrounded by ancient Greek gods and goddesses that teaches players all about Greek history while they battle it out to have the best Greek town. The aim of the game is to become a Greek hero.
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Try Tribal wars ( and Realm of empires (it's an app on facebook)

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