Are There Any Games Like Migoland?


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Yeah. A lot. Lol. But Spineworld's the best. :/
They just used a cheaper & more boring replacement called 'Migoland.' I've never been on Spineworld before.
Chitchat something
Well, not really like Migoland. :/
But that's some I know.
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Yer there is. Well some that I've been on but I go on Migoland and arty games now.
There are:
I'll put more soon c: . Sorry it's all the usuals. :I
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Yeah a lot a lot a lot pandanda,  panfu, potropica, boombang, club penguin, webasuros (not sure how to spell it)chobots, binweevils, moshi monsters, world of the warcraft, toontown, pirates of the carribean, wolf quest, pirate galaxy, dizzyworld, maplestory, supersecret and much much more hope I helped
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I have never heard of it but thx to nitin I now do know, umm my FAVE site, Free Realms sounds like yours. And there no paying and you can do a lot with out member ship, and to become a member its only $5 a month, so I'm a member free realms is now so different from the beggening.
Check it out, and check my profile out to!
GODbless SmileS
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Never heard of it Cuiteypie,but Nitin155s description makes it sound like a good way to spend some time
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Dear friend,
You have to download it but it is pretty fun. 13+ yrs you get text chat those under 13 just have to get parent permission. You defeat monsters, do quests, everyone gets their own dorm (sort of like a house) that you can decorate (you have to buy a house with crowns or coins) You can talk to friends, get treasure cards, battle other players, and more. You get to play free and go anywhere in wizard city except a few streets. Your supposed to go onto other worlds after wizard city but you have to either buy it with crowns or subscribe. Basically you get a good game until you like reach lvl 10. If you want to go to other worlds however I suggest you subscribe and don't just pay with crowns (a type of cash you buy with actual money that lets you buy certain things that coins can't). Subscribing monthly (I do that) is only $10 a month and it goes on forever unless you want to stop it. If you want to get crowns, instead of buying online you could always go to a local store like target, walgreens, etc. And pick up a $10 or $20 prepaid game card for wizard101. You get 5000 crowns for the $10 and 10000 crowns for the $20.
It's nice and I'm still playing it. Technically (and this is if you choose to subscribe) you end the game once you reach lvl 50 and you've completed all the worlds. BUT they're just now adding a new world called Celestia and they increased it to when you turn lvl 60 so that's pretty nice. Another feature you may want to download if you choose to play wizard101 and subscribe is the test realms. The test realms lets subscribers or crown players play on the game and test out new features they are thinking about putting out on the actual game. Whatever you do in test realms does not affect your character at all in the actual game. You're info and lvl etc. Will be transferred to the test realms so when you play on it it'll basically be the same with your character (sometimes it could be a few lvls less though)

I really like this game and I've been playing it for 2 years now. First starting and earning money however is pretty hard. You can sell anything you get and that's a good way to make money. Also if you buy crowns, you can use your crowns to buy coins (1000 coins for 800 crowns)
I only do that SOMETIMESS cause I get a lot of junk that I can sell.

I recommend you go on sites such as to help you find your way around.

I think Wizard101 gives you a good deal because as you lvl higher and higher it gets harder to lvl up so if you choose to not subscribe or pay with crowns than you can still play for a while before having to stop. Have friends help you, you don't have an unlimited amount of friends but you can have a lot

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