What Are Some Games Like The Hook Up?


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There are similar games such as Popmundo where you have the opportunity to create your own pop career and all the online benefits that come with it.
It is a really fun place where you have your own career and is an online role-playing based game and community where the players attempt to obtain fame in a virtual music industry. A little like The X Factor. The game is played in real time and the game continues even when you are not playing.
At the beginning of the adventure you are a nobody with just hopes and goals to achieve. You need to do a host of things including practicing your music, playing a few gigs, and starting to build a fan base of loyal fans. Who knows you may even start to tour the globe making hit records and causing controversies.
But not everyone out to be a major player and perhaps a career in business, politics, medicine, or even crime beckons. Popmundo gives the player several alternative life styles for those who are interested. All characters you will come across are played by real people across the world and what's more there is no fee for playing.
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I don't know  try...um sims2 or sims 3
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I would suggest that you look up more world games like poptropica or go to teen  nick and type in games or go to the website that made the games and look for their   games if they have any.
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Hook up was fun but there are many other games that I have found more addictive and better. Now hook up game seems quiet boring and typical. You should check out android market which is full of cool games like Air flight control.

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