What Are Some Free Online Simulation Games Like 'BabyDow' Where Your Babyies Grow Up?


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There are several free online baby simulation games currently available. A selection of a few of the games can be found below.

  • Baby Valley
babyvalley.co.uk/ lets you virtually raise a baby until the age of three years old. You have to feed it, love it and play with it to make sure it develops into a healthy and happy baby. Baby Valley is completely free to sign up to and play, you simply fill in your details in the top left hand of the homepage.

Once you have been granted a username and password, you just sign in each time you wish to continue playing the game and raising your virtual baby.

  • W Babies
en.wbabies.com/ has a similar set-up to that of Baby Valley. Where again you can raise a baby by virtually caring for it. It is free to play and you simply need to head to the web address provided to start raising your baby.

  • Baby Care Deluxe
Baby Care Deluxe which can be found at www.peteco.com/play-3401-Baby-Care-Deluxe.html lets you play a simple game which involves raising a baby by again feeding and playing with it.

  • A little word of warning
As with most free games, the website endeavors to make money from the adverts in and around the game. Therefore you may get a few annoying pop-up ads and delays in your game loading until the proceeding advert finishes playing.

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