Pokemon Heart Gold How To Get Electabuzz?


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How to get Electabuzz in Heart Gold is explained fairly well in a video tutorial on You Tube. Apparently, the first thing that has to be done is to complete the so-called Warden Path.

  • Safari Zone
The player then goes to the forest area of the Safari Zone. Here he has to place four rocks, sometimes referred to as peak objects. They do not have to be in the same place, but can be put anywhere in the forest area.

  • How to place objects
To place each rock, the player presses the A button which brings up a panel asking if an object is to be placed. On pressing Yes, a choice of rocks will be offered. The player needs to select a rock (any size or shape will do), which then places said rock, confirmed by a text box reading 'Object placed.'

The same steps are then repeated for the other three rocks. It is not necessary to select the same type of rock each time; it is fine for all of them to be different.

  • Select a level 40 Pokemon
As far as we understand, it is then necessary to call for a level 40 Pokemon, such as Magneton, as suggested in the video, and use a repel pack. An Electabuzz should appear sooner or later. Then it is a matter of catching it, which seems to be easier said than done.

  • Power Plant
By the sound of it, it is fairly hard to catch one, so this might take a while. Electabuzz can apparently also be found in the grass near the Power Plant, which is in Kanto, somewhere along Route 10.

Unfortunately, we were not able to establish whether rocks also need to be placed there in order for some of the Electabuzz to appear.
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They can be found in the grass next to the Power Plant on Route 10 in Kanto, they are quite uncommon however. :)

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