How To Get Every Moshling On Moshi Monsters?


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You have to plant seeds and here are all the codes

002 Chop Chop (ninja monkey) any 3 Dragons

003 Gingersnap (beat up cat) any Magic + any Love + any Pepper

008 Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) any Star + any Pepper + any Dragon

010 Snookums (Dinosaur) any 3 Star

013 Dj Quack (duck) any Dragon + any Moon + any Star

018 Stanley (seahorse) any 2 Love + any 1 Dragon

020 Purdy (pink fluffy cat) any Dragon + any Moon + any Dragon

*023 Humphrey (Hippo) any Daisy + any Magic + any Pepper

024 Angel (unicorn/pegasus) any Magic + any Pepper + any Pepper


Kissy (baby ghost) Black/Red Star + Purple Star + Yellow Magic /OR/
Purple Star + Blue/Yellow Star + Red/Purple/Yellow/Black Magic

Lady Meowford (white cat) Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Yellow/Purple
Star/Black Star /OR/ Yellow Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Star /OR/ Blue Moon +
Blue Moon + Purple Star

034 Dipsy (cloud) Red/Pink/Blue Moon + Black/Yellow Moon + Yellow Love

039 Shelby (turtle) Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Yellow/Blue/Purple Magic

040 Doris (Rhinocerous) any 3 Moons (except blue)

043 Blurp (blowfish) Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon

047 Sookie-Yaki (Ninja Cat) Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic /OR/ Red Magic + Yellow/Purple Magic + Black Pepper

*048 Priscilla (horse with a tiara) Yellow Apple + Red Moon + Blue Moon


050 Pooky (dinosaur) Red Moon + Purple Magic + Red Magic

*052 Coolio (Icecream) Pink Apple + Yellow Star + Black Love

053 Fumble (starfish) Red/Purple Star + Yellow love + Yellow Magic

054 Flump (pluff) Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star

056 Mr. Snoodle (Elephant) Yellow Dragon + Purple Pepper + Yellow Pepper

*057 Honey (Rabbit)  Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple

059 Hansel (gingerbread man) Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon

060 Ecto (ghost) Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow/Blue Pepper

065 Tiki (toucan aka the fruit loops bird) Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love

071 Peppy Penguin (penguin) Blue Moon + Yellow Magic + Red Moon /OR/ Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic

072 Cali (mermaid) Blue Love + Pink/Purple Magic + Yellow Love

*073 Jeepers (Tiger) Pink Love Berries + Red/ Pink Daisy + Blue Apple /OR/ Black Love+ Red/Pink Daisy+ Blue Apple

074 Prof. Purplex (owl) Red/Blue/Yellow Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow Moon

Ultra Rare

077 Waldo (nerdy cat-looks like a Squirrel) Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star

*078 Burnie (Dragon) Red Apple + Red Apple + Blue Daisy

079 Gigi (unicorn) Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper

082 General Fuzuki (warrior) Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper

083 Gurgle (dragon) Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love

*087 ShiShi (panda) Black Daisy + Yellow Pepper + Red Dragon

088 Oddie (sprinkled doughnut) Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star /OR/ (untested) Yellow Star + Black Star + Blue Star

089 Big Bad Bill (VooDoo guy) Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star

Cutie Pie (Cup Cake) Pink Star + Purple Daisy + Blue Dragon /OR/ (the
following are untested) Pink star + Blue Daisy + Blue Dragon /OR/ Red
Apple + 2 Pink Daisys

*100 IGGY (floating purple loading guy) >> Purple Daisy + Purple Daisy + Black Moon

Liberty- black love, red love, any love
Mini Ben- 3 black snap apples
Cleo- blue daisy, pink daisy, yellow apple
Rocky- any pepper, any love, pink daisy

Fifi: Any pepper, any magic and any dragon
McNulty: Any 2 snap apples and purple star
White Fang: Red moon, pink/blue daisy and red magic
Scamp: Pink Dragon, Blue Moon and black apple

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To get all the moshing you would have to play the game for two weeks straight without any sleep are breaks of any kind other than that it would take you 3 months to beat the game and win it

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