What Moves Do Pikachu Learn In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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There are a large number of moves that Pikachu learn in the game Pokemon Soul Silver. These moves are typically split into a number of categories and these include moves learned by leveling up and hidden machines.

• Leveling up moves

There are a number of moves that are learned by leveling up. The moves that are achieved from leveling up to level 2 are the growl and the thunder shock. Leveling up to level 6 enables Pikachu to tail whip, whilst the thunder wave is achieved by leveling up to level 11. The quick attack comes about from leveling up to level 14, and the double team from leveling up to level 19. Further moves that are achieved from leveling up through higher levels are the slam, thunderbolt, feint, discharge and light screen.

• Pre-evolution moves

There are 3 moves that can be learned when in a pre-evolved state. These are charm, sweet kiss and nasty plot.

• Moves learned by breeding

These moves are also known as egg moves, and include bide, charge, double slap and tickle.

• Tutor taught moves

The headbutt, knock off and signal beam moves can be taught to Pikachu by tutors in the game.

• Moves learned by Hidden Machines and Technical Machines

There are a large number of moves that can be learned from the machines. These include strength and rock smash for hidden machines, and frustration, brick break and charge beam for technical machines.

• Further moves that can be learned by Pikachu in Soul Silver

There are a further two moves that can be learned in the game, and these are classed as special moves. The two special moves are fly and surf. Fly is a move that can be utilized in the air, whilst surf can only be utilized in the water.
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Thunder shock lv1
growl lv1
tail whip lv5
thunder wave lv10
quick attack lv13
double team lv18
slam lv21
thunderbolt lv26
feint lv29
agillity lv34
discharge lv37
light screen lv42
thunder lv45
use a thunder stone on pikachu

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