Where Do I Find Pikachu In Soul Silver?


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Sanne Bakker answered
You can find it easily in viridian forest, but only if you take a other electric pokemon to walk with you. I did that and I caught 3 in a row and they said that there were only 2
! Ampharos walked with me. So maybe this is usefull I bet it is :)
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...viridian forest/pokewalker route yellow forest/resort pokewalker route(80,000 watts+national dex)
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I've been wondering around that place for like 4 hours and not 1 pokemon related to pikachu or even a pikachu
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You get picachu in yellow forest on the poke walker   I have yellow forest on my hg but  on my ss I did not find picachu in viridan forest
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duck dodger answered
Viridian forest its so obvious thats what everyone else is saying and its true to heck with the pokewalker

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