Where To Find Latios In Soul Silver?


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No you need 2 catch him the same way you catch Entei and Raikou... They move whenever you change location. Suicune stays in 1 spot until you find it and it moves 2 another spot And Suicune is more difficult cause it isn't shown on the map... Here's where suicune moves 2.. After burned tower in Ecruteak City.(in this order)...Northern part of Cianwood City.. Next to the house...Rt. 42 Close 2 Mt. Mortar..don't go into Mt. Mortar instead surf across the small body of water and cut down the tree on the other side.. Vermillion City (Kanto Region) You see him when you get off the SS Aqua.. Rt. 14 (Kanto) Go north from Vermillion into Saffron East from Saffron To Lavender Town South from Lavender Town to Fuschia.... I suggest you go to the pokemon centers in all of these so you can fly there later... You will see suicune on your way to Fuschia City...I also suggest you go all the way to Fuschia and heal your pokemon so you can fly there later.... And you finally battle Suicune at the cape next to Bill's house North of Cerulean City.

Here are the locations of the legendary birds... Incase you were wandering.....
Zapdos- Power Plant (outside)
Articuno- Seafoam Islands
Moltres- Mt. Silver (you need Surf, Waterfall and Rock Climb) So get all Kanto badges

Cinnabar Gym is also in Seafoam Islands Just go up the ladder when you get inside
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Latios should be in kanto you need to catch him the same way you catch the legendary dogs (Entei,raikou,and suicune)
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He will be roaming in kanto after beating red and getting the doll the champion of hoenn will arrive and say he is missing from hoenn

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