How Do I Use The Context Move Button In Ratatouille On A Pc To Make Him Climb The Net?


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The context buttons on a PC for the Ratatouille game change depending on the configuration of the controls on your PC. The simplest and most common configuration of controls to allow you to climb the net are to double tap the space bar and then press ‘G’ you should then be able to climb the net using the normal move buttons. If this configuration does not work then it may be wise to check the setting for the game to see what configuration your PC has set up, so that you can see the controls you will need.

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For PC version to climb the net:
Standing next to the net, face the net (look at blue flashing spots).
DOUBLE JUMP (2x SPACE) and the rafter immediately press G. The rat will hold on to the net. After that you can use the normal move buttons to move. Worked for me!
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PC version: Face the net. DOUBLE JUMP (2x space) and immediately press G. Worked for me.
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For PC: Face the middle of the net (twinkling blue spots) while standing close to it. DOUBLE JUMP (2x SPACE) and immediately thereafter press G. The rat will stay on the net. Worked for me repeatedly.
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Actually for me, double jumping (space, space) and then 'g', does not work. But double jumping, then forward (before landing) and then g works.

So the sequence is space, space, w, g
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The buttons to perform context sensitive moves in Ratatouille keeps changing every time.It can be any of the buttons of your keyboard which are configured for this game.You will have to carefully look at the directions given at that point in this game to climb the rope.
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Actually, the "Context move" button has a different meaning in Ratatouille. The "Context Move" button is the same as the "Action" button as seen in Controller Configuration in Game Setup. This is the G key by default.

Amag is thinking of the cooking sequences where you have to press the right buttons corresponding to the right ingredients.

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