How do you hack people in secret builders?


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Secret Builders is a web site that allows users to play games and chat with friends who are members of the site. Once you are a member you can receive money called shills that you can either spend or use to collect even more shills. If you decide to collect more shills you may be able to obtain the status of super-builder, with gives you more access to more areas and items. You may also buy super-shills which gives you access to exclusive and much sought after items. If you want to hack your way into this status, you need to be either a computer engineer with a lot of luck, or be in a position to steal source code from the makers of the site, either of which could get you in a considerable amount of trouble with the authorities. Modern web sites have built-in security measures to discourage hackers and advanced methods for tracking anyone who is successful at hacking their web site.

Once you reach the level of super-builder in the game of Secret Builders, you will be rewarded with 10,000 shills and 400 super-shills. Some of the items you can purchase with these shills and super-shills are fashion runways, and a castle extension for your home which you can paint and decorate however you like.

There is a fee you must pay to be a super-builder. The fee is $5.95 a month, or you can pay six months at a time for $24.95, or pay a year ahead at a fee of $34.95. Paying this fee allows you more privileges and access to other areas of the web site which are not accessible to other users. This is a much better option than trying to hack the site, and you won't have to worry about any legal repercussions either when you pay up front.

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