How To Hack People In Secret Builder?


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Doing an internet search for ‘SecretBuilders hack’ will bring up a selection of torrents, suggestions and tips that supposedly allow a person to hack the SecretBuilders website. However acting upon any of these suggestions or downloading anything claiming to hack the site is not recommended. The authenticity and safety of these methods is dubious and successfully managing to hack the site may cause you to be banned.
Downloading torrents from an unknown source is particularly risky as it could in fact damage your computer and compromise the security of your system.
The terms of use for the SecretBuilders website specifically state:
"You shall not impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity, including using another person's username, password or other account information, or another person's name, likeness, voice, image or photograph.
"We may suspend or terminate your account and your ability to use any REN20 MEDIA Site or portion thereof for failure to comply with these terms of use or any special terms related to a particular service, for infringing copyright, or for any other reason whatsoever.”
Therefore any attempts made to hack the SecretBuilders website or any of its members’ accounts will violate the terms of use.
SecretBuilders is a free educational website. It acts as a virtual world for children between 5 and 14 years old, which is powered by a Web 2.0 community of children, parents, game developers, educators, writers and artists. The website was first set up in 2007 by Umair Khan, who currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Khan is one of four members of the site’s board of directors.
On SecretBuilders, children are able to explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture a pet, and interact with their friends.

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